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●ricts.The usurers who advance mone●y to the peasants at from three hundred to tw●o thousand per cent.are without exceptio●n C


hristians.The assertion that the Jews tempt ●the people to drunkenness stands m●orally upon about the same level as the sta▓tement that the Jews are never found engaged in▓ agriculture.The latter statement is true, ●but only because the Jews are not● allowed to live in the open country.The g▓overnmen

t has now monopolized the retai▓l sale of spirits, thus driving out of the busi▓

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ness thousands of Jewish tavern-k▓eepers.This measure, however ●severe, is viewed with satisf●action by intelligent Jews as ten


ding to impro●ve the morals of the Jewish masses.● All these are only idle excuse▓s in justification of the policy of extermin●ation of the Jews, which policy has in reality ●a quite different cause.Three conditions hav●e already been cited, any one of wh●ich is alone sufficient to place the unhappy J●ews of the great prison state in an especially ●bad situation, and also to exp▓ose the régime in all its depravity—a dep●ravity almost incomprehensible to wester●n Europeans. The first is the great in▓fluence which the rich Russian usurers possess w●ith the authorities.If[Pg 157] Sh▓ylock is angry with the merchant prince ●of V

enice because the latter lends money wi▓thout interest, in Russia the rles of th●e contestants are reversed.The Jew a▓lso exacts usury where he can—no one in ser▓iousness pretends to be surprised a▓t this, in view of the deliberate demor▓alization of the pale—but in compariso●n with his Russian colleague he keeps wi●thin modest limits, being indeed● compelled to do so by his circu●mstances.He necessarily prefer▓s to keep the debtor solvent rather t●han to drive him out of house and home, whi▓ch he, the Jew, moreover, cannot buy in.● The Russian usurer,

on the ▓other hand, is accustomed to show n▓o mercy, because he calmly seizes t

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rers of Moscow and St.● Petersburg, who likewise would hav▓e to fear the milder methods of their Jewish c▓ompetitors, are powerful enough to influence s▓enators and ministers according to t●heir wishes.The Russian usurer, therefor▓e, is the first complainant and enemy ●of the Jews. The second and more powerful ca▓use is the spirit of P


obydonostzev, the fanatic ▓of uniformity.Combining in h●imself the qualities of jurist, theologian, and ●scholastic, he is too barren in ▓mental powers to master the concepti●on of a state which should take[Pg● 158] into account any diversity of creed or▓ race.Above all, however, any toleration wo●uld under

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